GROHE Blue Filter M-Size

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GROHE Blue Filter – pure drinking water on tap

Enjoy table-ready filtered drinking water at the turn of your kitchen tap with the medium-sized 1500L GROHE Blue filter cartridge. Used with the GROHE Blue water system, this filter cartridge puts tap water through five filtration stages to remove any undesirable substances, including heavy metals and reducing lime content, leaving just a great fresh taste. Replacing the filter cartridge is easy – just unscrew the old filter cartridge and screw in the new one. The convenient way to enjoy pure, delicious drinking water is ready for you on tap.

  • BWT replacement filter for GROHE Blue water systems
  • capacity 1500 l at 20° dKH
  • reduces substances responsible for taste and odor, e.g. chlorine
  • reduces limescale and heavy metals
  • compatible with GROHE Blue Home, GROHE Blue Professional and GROHE Blue Pure